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Chuck Colson (born as Charles Wendell Colson in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., died in Falls Church, Virginia), he is also known as Charles Colson, was a famous Lawyer from USA, who lived between October 16, 1931 and April 21, 2012.


Charles "Chuck" Wendell Colson was an American evangelical religious leader and before that domestic policy adviser to Richard M. Nixon involved in Watergate.

Colson was imprisoned for seven months for his involvement in the Watergate affair, and commenced an evangelization campaign among prisoners. He became an influential Christian leader who advocated dialogue between the evangelical movement and Catholicism.

Zodiac etc.

He is born under the zodiac libra, who is known for Balance, Justice, Truth, Beauty, Perfection. Our collection contains 2 quotes who is written / told by Chuck.

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"I learned one thing in Watergate: I was well-intentioned but rationalized illegal behavior," he said. "You cannot live your life other than walking in the truth. Your means are as important as your ends"
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"Deep Throat is a guy who could have your files and mine in his trust"