Album: 20 Original - The Early Years

"20 Original - The Early Years" is a compilation album launched in 2004, featuring the early works of American country music artist Chris LeDoux. This collection showcases the skilled, young singer-songwriter's distinctive style and takes listeners on a classic journey through his early career. Comprising 20 tracks handpicked by LeDoux himself, the album catches the essence of his storytelling and his deep connection with the Western lifestyle.

Background and Origins
Born in 1948 in Biloxi, Mississippi, Chris LeDoux matured with a comprehensive understanding of cowboy life. He pursued rodeo competitors and started singing and songwriting at a young age. In 1971, he became the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Bareback Riding World Champion. Around this time, he started recording his music on his own label, American Cowboy Songs. His early records were offered out of the back of his truck at rodeos, which gradually developed his appeal among the rodeo community and country music enthusiasts.

The 20 Original - The Early Years" album acts as a homage to Chris LeDoux's commitment to his roots and decision to share his love for the cowboy lifestyle with others. The tracks vary from ballads to uptempo tunes, displaying LeDoux's flexibility as an artist.

Album Highlights
A few of the noteworthy tracks from the "20 Original - The Early Years" album include:

1. Copenhagen: An ode to the smokeless tobacco, this song features LeDoux's funny take on the love affair in between cowboys and smokeless tobacco. With its memorable chorus, it became a fan preferred and a staple at his live programs.

2. Five Dollar Fine: A lighthearted tune that tells the story of a distinct bar where patrons are charged a five-dollar fine for different unfavorable habits, such as extoling cash or complaining about the music. The smart lyrics and memorable melody make this track stand apart.

3. The Littlest Cowboy Rides Again: A heartfelt homage to the resilience of children, this song informs the story of a young kid figured out to end up being a champion rodeo rider in spite of dealing with multiple barriers. LeDoux's earnest storytelling and the song's uplifting message make it a motivating track.

4. 10 Seconds In The Saddle: A high-energy, adrenaline-filled track that commemorates the thrill and risk of a rodeo. LeDoux's enthusiasm for the cowboy method shines through in this crowd-pleasing song.

5. The Strawberry Roan: A standard cowboy song, informs the story of rusty lariat-strawberry roan. It's a traditional that feels right in the house in LeDoux's design, showcasing his capability to bring new life to old favorites.

Tradition and Impact
Chris LeDoux's profession spanned over 25 years, and he launched 36 albums in total. His early works showcased on the "20 Original - The Early Years" compilation album played a considerable function in establishing him as a renowned artist in the country music scene. The album records the core of what made LeDoux so precious by fans - his ability to tell a compelling story, his enthusiasm for the Western lifestyle, and his indisputable musical skill.

In 2005, simply one year after the release of "20 Original - The Early Years", Chris LeDoux tragically died after a fight with a rare form of liver cancer. As a caring homage to his tradition, this collection of songs commemorates LeDoux's early years and preserves the spirit of the cowboy that was so deeply deep-rooted in his music.

Artist: Chris LeDoux

Chris LeDoux, singer, songwriter, and rodeo champion who authentically captured the cowboy lifestyle in music. Explore quotes and his legacy.
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