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"Radio & Rodeo Hits" is a compilation album launched in 1990 by American country music singer-songwriter and rodeo champion Chris LeDoux. The album, which includes a mix of LeDoux's popular radio hits and rodeo-themed songs, showcases the special blend of traditional country music, storytelling, and rodeo culture that LeDoux was known for. Featuring a total of 14 tracks, "Radio & Rodeo Hits" is a must-listen for fans of both country music and the rodeo circuit seeking to experience LeDoux's remarkable songwriting and performing talents.

Chris LeDoux was born in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1948 and matured with a love for both music and rodeo. He started his music career in 1971, taping albums while likewise contending in the rodeo circuit, ultimately ending up being a professional bareback rider and winning the Rodeo Cowboys Association's world champion in 1976. LeDoux's early albums were mainly cost rodeos and out of the back of his truck, however his special blend of standard country music with rodeo styles and cowboy storytelling ultimately caught the attention of bigger labels. In 1989, he signed with Capitol Nashville, releasing his first major-label album, "Western Underground", that same year.

"Radio & Rodeo Hits" was released the list below year, in 1990, and includes a collection of LeDoux's popular songs from the 1980s along with some more recent rodeo-themed tracks. The album acts as an event of LeDoux's remarkable profession in both the music market and the rodeo world, highlighting his dedication to preserving rodeo culture and showcasing authentic nation sounds.

Track Listing
1. "Copenhagen"-- A tribute to the popular smokeless tobacco brand name, which is a common component in the rodeo community.
2. "This Cowboy's Hat"-- A renowned LeDoux tune that informs the story of a cowboy's hat representing his life experiences and values.
3. "Shot Full of Love"-- A radio hit for LeDoux, this song informs the tale of a love-struck cowboy using standard nation instrumentation.
4. "You Just Can't See Him from the Road"-- A story about a hard-working, devoted cowboy who stays true to his roots regardless of the changing times.
5. "Little Long-Haired Outlaw"-- A fun, upbeat song representing a defiant cowboy who is always all set for a great time.
6. "Get Back on That Pony"-- A motivational tune encouraging listeners to keep trying and never quit on their objectives.
7. "Tennessee Stud"-- A cover of the classic country song initially written by Jimmy Driftwood and popularized by artists like Johnny Cash and Doc Watson.
8. "Life Is a Highway"-- A rocking, high-energy tune about life's adventures and living life to the fullest.
9. "Whatcha Gon na Do with a Cowboy?"-- A duet with country music superstar Garth Brooks, pondering the difficulties and enjoyment of being with a cowboy.
10. "Hooked on an 8-Second Ride"-- A track describing the thrilling experience of taking part in an 8-second bull ride at a rodeo.
11. "Cadillac Cowboy"-- A funny take on a cowboy who likes travelling in his luxurious Cadillac.
12. "Rodeo Moon"-- A song capturing the attraction and excitement of the rodeo lifestyle, both in the arena and on the roadway.
13. "Powder River Home"-- A genuine ballad about yearning for the simple life of a cowboy in Wyoming's Powder River country.
14. "Western Skies"-- The final track on the album, a poignant reflection on life, love, and the appeal of the world around us.

"Radio & Rodeo Hits" remains a standout album in Chris LeDoux's discography, recording the essence of his profession as both a skilled nation musician and an experienced rodeo rival. LeDoux died in 2005, at the age of 56, from a rare kind of cancer. However, his music continues to be celebrated by fans who appreciate his devotion to preserving and sharing the traditions of the rodeo lifestyle and promoting genuine, traditional country music.

Artist: Chris LeDoux

Chris LeDoux, singer, songwriter, and rodeo champion who authentically captured the cowboy lifestyle in music. Explore quotes and his legacy.
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