Album: Used to Want to Be a Cowboy

"Used to Want to Be a Cowboy" is a timeless 1982 album by American c and w artist Chris LeDoux. This 11-track album was launched under the label Liberty Records and features a mix of conventional country and western styles with a modern-day edge, making it a popular option for fans of both timeless and contemporary c and w. From riding rodeos to reminiscing about the past, this album provides a special viewpoint on cowboy life and the altering landscape of American culture.

Background and Recording
After attaining local success since the 1970s with his self-released recordings, LeDoux signed a recording contract with Liberty Records in 1982, which eventually paved the way for the release of his first national album "Used to Want to Be a Cowboy". The album showcases LeDoux's special brand of c and w, which was greatly influenced by his own experiences as a rodeo competitor and his love for the cowboy lifestyle.

LeDoux wrote the majority of the songs on the album, which were tape-recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, with the aid of c and w manufacturer Jimmy Bowen. The album was a departure from LeDoux's earlier work, which included mainly live recordings and covers of popular nation tunes, as it highlighted his songwriting capabilities and emphasized more sleek studio recordings.

Track Listing and Themes
"Used to Want to Be a Cowboy" consists of 11 tracks that are a mix of up-tempo tunes and heartfelt ballads. A few of the standout tracks include the title track "Used to Want to Be a Cowboy", which informs the story of a guy who has actually given up on his childhood imagine being a cowboy but still holds onto the memories and the way of life, and "Grange Hall Dance", a lively tune about country folks coming together for a night of dancing and having fun.

Other noteworthy songs on the album consist of "Lean, Mean and Hungry", which describes the decision of a rodeo cowboy, and "A Cowboy Like Me", a ballad that assesses the lessons gained from living the life of a rodeo cowboy.

The album also features the tunes "The Cowboy's Hat", which discusses the importance of a cowboy's hat as a sign of status and identity, and "The Rodeo Hand", which is a tribute to the behind-the-scenes employees who support the rodeo cowboys.

Commercial Success and Legacy
"Used to Want to Be a Cowboy" assisted to establish Chris LeDoux as a nationwide country music experience and marked the beginning of an effective career covered nearly two decades. The album peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and provided LeDoux the platform he needed to continue to develop his unique design of storytelling and heart-on-his-sleeve sincerity in songs.

Throughout the years, LeDoux's music has continued to resonate with fans of country music and the rodeo lifestyle. The album's styles of fond memories, hard work, and forgotten dreams still mesmerize listeners, and the album remains a cherished testament to the life and spirit of the American cowboy.

"Used to Want to Be a Cowboy" is an ageless country music album that effectively catches the spirit of the American rodeo cowboy and intertwines it with relatable themes of love, loss, and yearning for simpler times. From its energetic, toe-tapping tunes to its emotional and reflective ballads, the album provides something for every single country music fan. LeDoux's genuine and truthful storytelling, combined with his unique singing style, has made this 1982 album a treasured classic that continues to record the hearts of listeners nearly 40 years after its release.

Artist: Chris LeDoux

Chris LeDoux, singer, songwriter, and rodeo champion who authentically captured the cowboy lifestyle in music. Explore quotes and his legacy.
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