Album: Connick on Piano, Volume 1: Other Hours

"Connick on Piano, Volume 1: Other Hours" is a 2003 jazz album by American artist and composer Harry Connick, Jr. Released under the Marsalis Music label, this album marks a departure from Connick's previous work as a vocalist and bandleader, focusing entirely on his talents as a jazz pianist. "Other Hours" includes 12 original tracks, all composed by Connick and carried out by his important quartet, that includes Ned Goold on tenor sax, Neal Caine on bass, and Arthur Latin on drums.

Following an extremely effective profession as a singer, pianist, and bandleader, Harry Connick Jr. decided to hone in on his abilities as a jazz pianist and composer with the release of "Other Hours". Although Connick is mainly known for his vocal performances and his work as a bandleader, he has always had a deep-rooted enthusiasm for playing the piano. This album gave him the chance to display all the elements of his skill and present them to a wider audience.

The compositions in "Other Hours" were initially created for the Broadway musical "Thou Shalt Not", which premiered in 2001. Connick took these original pieces, revamped them, and ultimately produced an unique critical jazz album that exists individually from the stage production, highlighting his abilities as a pianist, author, and arranger.

Style and Influences
"Connick on Piano, Volume 1: Other Hours" is an album rooted in traditional jazz, with clear impacts from legends like Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, and Horace Silver. However, Connick brings his own distinct sound to the album, integrating a blend of New Orleans jazz, gospel, swing, and bebop designs. Connick's sense of rhythm, harmonic sophistication, and his distinct voicings revive these classic jazz idioms and make the album an interesting listening experience.

The album includes a myriad of moods and designs, from the spirited and energetic "The Other Hours" to the somber and introspective "I Like Love More". Furthermore, the presence of saxophonist Ned Goold, bassist Neal Caine, and drummer Arthur Latin, all skilled musicians in their own right, includes a cohesive and vibrant quality to the album that can not be understated.

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "Connick on Piano, Volume 1: Other Hours" gotten usually favorable evaluations from music critics. They applauded Connick's ability to perfectly transition from vocalist and bandleader to an instrumentalist and composer. The album was also lauded for its rejuvenating take on conventional jazz styles and for showcasing Connick's wide-ranging talents.

"Other Hours" not only showcased Connick's virtuosity as a pianist however also showed that he is an accomplished composer and arranger who can reveal himself in numerous musical settings. The success of "Other Hours" resulted in the release of two more jazz instrumental albums by Connick-- "Occasion: Connick on Piano, Volume 2" in 2005 and "Chanson du Vieux Carré: Connick on Piano, Volume 3" in 2007.

"Connick on Piano, Volume 1: Other Hours" is an engaging testament to Harry Connick Jr.'s mastery of the piano and his compositional abilities. By concentrating on his important expertise, Connick had the ability to display another side of his musical skill that may have previously gone undetected. The album's distinct mix of conventional jazz designs combined with Connick's innovative compositions and charming performances makes "Other Hours" a classic addition to any jazz fan's collection and a significant work in Harry Connick Jr.'s remarkable career.

Artist: Harry Connick, Jr.

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