Album: France, I Wish You Love

France, I Wish You Love is a captivating album by the multi-talented American singer, pianist, and author Harry Connick Jr. Launched on November 9, 1993, this twelve-track album merges together atmospheres of love, romance, classic Parisian ambiance, and melancholy. The perfect mix of jazz, pop, and swing pays homage to the French chanson tradition, making it a tempting listen for fans of diverse musical categories. Throughout the album, Connick Jr.'s warm, calming vocals and flawless piano skills create an extraordinary musical experience.

Album Overview
1. France, I Wish You Love
The opening title track sets the state of mind for the whole album. Harry Connick Jr.'s stunning piano playing blends smoothly with the rich orchestration, creating an airy texture that is augmented by his tender, heartfelt singing. Connick Jr. declares his love and appreciation for France in this captivating piece, interesting the listener for what is to come in the rest of the album.

2. Hangdog
With a jaunty pace and upbeat rhythm, Hangdog functions lively horn tunes and a swinging rhythm section that display Connick Jr.'s deep jazz roots. The music's cheerful energy and his spirited scat singing include a level of lighthearted enjoyable to the song.

3. If Dreams Come True
The third track brings a heartfelt and classic touch to the album. The mix of Connick Jr.'s dreamy singing, the stylish orchestration, and a mild, swaying tempo creates an atmosphere of hope and yearning, making this ballad truly extraordinary.

4. French Poodle
French Poodle is a delightful instrumental track which highlights Harry Connick Jr.'s virtuosity on the piano. With a vivacious pace, dancing tune, and the sound of a busy Parisian café in the background, this tune characterizes the French joie de vivre.

5. First Kiss
In this romantic ballad, Connick Jr. sings about the vulnerability and anticipation connected with a very first kiss. His tender and emotive vocal delivery, coupled with the lush orchestration and a dreamy, slow pace, develops a warm atmosphere perfect for slow-dancing.

6. Lafayette
With a smooth, jazz-infused rhythm and catchy melody lines, Lafayette demonstrates Harry Connick Jr.'s flexibility as a composer and performer. His silky voice and outstanding piano skills create a musical experience reminiscent of being in a refined jazz club.

7. thirtysomething
Based upon the popular tv program, thirtysomething is a mild, reflective track about the concerns of approaching middle-age. The rich harmonies and relaxing tune display Connick Jr.'s sensitivity and maturity as an artist.

8. Marseille
The city of Marseille provides the inspiration for this vibrant and positive tune. Connick Jr.'s contagious melody and swinging rhythm are a real delight.

9. Enchantment Passing Through
A pensive and moving track, Enchantment Passing Through checks out the uncertainties of love. The poignant lyrics and soulful vocals integrate with the lavish orchestration to develop an enchanting tune.

10. Sugary food Angelica
Sugary food Angelica brings the album back to a lighthearted, sunny environment. The stylish melody, bouncy rhythm, and Harry Connick Jr.'s lovely vocals make this song an uplifting number.

11. Shall We Dance?
The penultimate track is a tender, romantic ballad. The intimate lyrics and Connick Jr.'s gorgeous voice include depth to the album's overall style of love and yearning.

12. Valse Mignonne
The album concludes with Valse Mignonne, a lilting waltz that highlights Harry Connick Jr.'s accomplished piano abilities. The elegant tunes and delicate consistencies form the ideal soundtrack to a night of dancing and love.

With France, I Wish You Love, Harry Connick Jr. has developed a fascinating album that is both heartfelt and amusing. Combining jazz, pop, and swing influences with his tender singing style and extraordinary piano abilities, Connick Jr. effortlessly carries the listener to a world of romance, nostalgia, and classic beauty. The album's twelve tracks make it a must-listen for fans of Harry Connick Jr. and those who have a soft spot for the romantic streets of Paris.

Artist: Harry Connick, Jr.

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