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"Heavy Nova" is the ninth studio album by British artist Robert Palmer, released in June 1988. The album combines different music styles such as rock, pop, and blue-eyed soul. Palmer is known for his unique voice and design, mixing sophisticated lyrics with a smooth tune. "Heavy Nova" was a business success, including hit singles such as "Simply Irresistible" and "She Makes My Day". The album reached number six on the UK Albums Chart and number 13 on the US Billboard 200.

Background and Production
After the release of Palmer's 1985 album "Riptide" and the success of its lead single "Addicted To Love", he decided to take a brand-new musical instructions. "Heavy Nova" was motivated by his interest in diverse musical designs, consisting of bossa nova, a Brazilian music genre. The album title is a wordplay of "heavy metal" and "bossa nova", showing the blend of genres found within the record.

"Heavy Nova" was produced by Palmer himself and tape-recorded at the Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas and at Logic Studios in Milan, Italy. The album features a mix of synthesizers, drum devices, and studio artists, showcasing Palmer's prowess as a songwriter and producer.

Music and Lyrics
"Heavy Nova" showcases a range of music styles, mixing rock, pop, blue-eyed soul, and bossa nova. Palmer's distinct vocals, which are both powerful and smooth, complement the sophisticated, appealing tunes present throughout the album.

The album's very first single, "Simply Irresistible", is a positive rock track with a memorable chorus and aspects of funk. The song took pleasure in enormous success, reaching second on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and making Palmer a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance in 1989.

"She Makes My Day" is another standout track from the album, a tender ballad that highlights Palmer's vocal capabilities and songwriting abilities. The song ended up being a top-10 hit in the UK and got considerable airplay in the United States.

Other significant tracks on the album include "More Than Ever", a soulful, mid-tempo tune, and "Early in the Morning", a funky pop-rock number. Overall, "Heavy Nova" is a well-rounded record that shows Robert Palmer's versatility as an artist and his capability to craft memorable, unforgettable tunes.

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "Heavy Nova" received favorable evaluations from music critics. The album was applauded for its memorable hooks and Palmer's powerful vocal efficiencies. Critics likewise valued the combination of different musical styles present on the record. In addition to its positive crucial reception, the album was commercially successful, offering over two million copies worldwide.

"Heavy Nova" played a significant function in forming Robert Palmer's image as a suave and advanced musician. The music video for "Simply Irresistible" included Palmer using a fit and surrounded by a performers of female models, sealing his image as an elegant, confident performer. The album's success also helped to further develop Palmer as a popular figure in 1980s pop-rock.

Although Robert Palmer passed away in 2003, "Heavy Nova" remains a testimony to his talent and long-lasting appeal. The album's catchy melodies and ingenious combination of genres continue to impress listeners, highlighting Palmer's skill as a songwriter, vocalist, and producer.
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