Album: Ridin' High

" Ridin' High" is the tenth solo studio album by British rock music icon Robert Palmer. Released in 1992, the album departs from Palmer's usual rock and pop noises by exploring his love for timeless jazz and swing music. It evokes the fond memories of 1930s and 1940s jazz clubs, with Palmer delivering a fresh and modern-day take on classic requirements and some lesser-known gems from the era. Produced by Palmer himself, the album includes a recognized lineup of musicians, including some of his longtime partners, as well as essential figures from allure and big band scenes.

Background and Inspiration
Robert Palmer was best known for his special blend of rock and pop with a touch of blue-eyed soul in the 70s and 80s, however he was likewise a real music enthusiast with a deep appreciation for the roots and history of different music genres. The seeds for "Ridin' High" might have been planted throughout Palmer's time living in the Bahamas. His close distance to a lively African-Caribbean music scene sparked his interest in early jazz, blues, and conventional radio music. Additionally, his daddy was a jazz connoisseur, and Palmer matured listening to classic jazz tunes playing on the household's radio.

Tracklist and Musical Style
" Ridin' High" includes 15 tracks, including both well-known and less familiar compositions from popular composers such as Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, and Rogers and Hart. Palmer decided to analyze these classics in an individual method, integrating numerous styles and displaying his flexibility as an artist. In addition to jazz and swing, elements of R&B, Latin, funk, and orchestral pop can likewise be discovered throughout the album. Some standout tracks consist of:

1. "Love Me or Leave Me" - This opening track establishes the jazzy state of mind of the album with a cool twist on a tune popularized by Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.
2. "Baby, You're the One" - An original composition by Palmer, this track radiates a Latin jazz taste and showcases his songwriting skills in the middle of the traditional tunes.
3. "Witchcraft" - This enchanting performance of the popular Frank Sinatra hit efficiently transitions from a sultry bossa nova verse to an energetic, full-blown swing chorus.

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "Ridin' High" received blended reviews from critics. While some applauded Palmer's brave departure from his recognized noise and his unique and modern take on jazz standards, others were less responsive to the stylistic change, comparing it unfavorably to his earlier chart-topping hits. Nevertheless, in the years following its release, "Ridin' High" has acquired a credibility as a hidden gem in Palmer's discography, with fans and critics alike emphasizing its significance as a testament to his flexibility and comprehensive understanding of different categories.

"Ridin' High" is an album that showcases Robert Palmer in a completely different light. It highlights his commitment to his artistry, in addition to his brave welcome of music outside the mainstream's boundaries. While it might not have received the commercial success of his earlier records, "Ridin' High" is a vital listening experience for fans of Palmer and jazz music alike, and it stands as a fitting homage to his varied skills and his deep love for the music that shaped him.

Artist: Robert Palmer

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