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" Honey" is the twelfth studio album by British rock singer Robert Palmer, released in 1994. It marked a stylistic shift in Palmer's music, as it checked out a more electronic, dance-oriented noise, compared to his previous rock and blue-eyed soul albums. "Honey" was taped at Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas and produced by Palmer himself, along with Teo Macero and Stephen Hague.

The album's lead single, "Know By Now", reached the Top-20 of the UK Singles Chart, while the 2nd single, "You Blow Me Away", became a club hit. Despite mixed reviews from critics, "Honey" has actually considering that acquired a cult following and is regarded as an underappreciated gem of 90s pop/rock music.

" Honey" consists of 12 tracks, supplying a mix of memorable pop tunes, moody ballads, and dance-floor-ready beats. Some of the standout tracks consist of:

1. "Honey A"-- The album's opening track sets the tone for the rest of the record with its infectious, groove-laden pop noise.
2. "Know By Now"-- A radio-friendly, synth-driven track that showcases Palmer's smooth vocals and ability at crafting unforgettable hooks.
3. "You Blow Me Away"-- A sultry, trip-hop influenced number that highlights Palmer's ability to perfectly include various categories into his music.
4. "You're Mine"-- A breezy, reggae-infused tune that showcases the album's more spirited side.
5. "In The Evening"-- A haunting ballad with a hint of Eastern European tune, showcasing Palmer's adaptability as an artist.
6. "Drop By And Stay"-- An easygoing, mid-tempo groove that exemplifies the album's experimental nature.

Collaborations and Guest Musicians
One of the noteworthy aspects of "Honey" is the diverse group of artists Palmer worked together with for the job. It includes contributions from a number of prominent artists of the time:

- Bootsy Collins: The famous funk bassist from Parliament-Funkadelic appears on the tracks "Know By Now" and "Under Suspicion".
- Warren Cuccurullo: The guitarist from Duran provides his skills to both "Love Takes Time" and "Happiness A".
- Zak Starkey: Ringo Starr's son plays drums on the album.

These collaborations lend a substantial amount of variety to the noise of "Honey", contributing to its distinct mix of pop, rock, and electronic music.

Crucial Reception
Upon its release, "Honey" was consulted with combined reviews from critics. Numerous applauded the album's innovative technique to blending various categories, along with Palmer's ever-impressive vocal abilities. Nevertheless, some critics felt that the album did not have a cohesive identity, resulting in a collection of tracks that didn't always gel together.

In spite of the combined crucial reception, "Honey" has actually since become a cult favorite among fans, particularly those who valued Palmer's speculative approach to his music. While it may not have actually been the industrial success that some of his previous albums attained, it stays a long-lasting and fascinating part of Robert Palmer's discography.

"Honey" is an interesting album that showcases Robert Palmer's desire to check out brand-new and varied noises in his music. While maybe not as widely known as some of his other work, it remains a distinct and interesting listen that should have a place in the collection of any Palmer fan, or anybody thinking about the vibrant, genre-blending sounds of the 1990s.

Artist: Robert Palmer

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