Album: A Change Is Gonna Come

"A Change Is Gon na Come" is a classic 1987 album by the legendary American soul and R&B singer, Solomon Burke. Launched throughout a time when soul music was going through significant changes, this album beautifully captures the essence of Burke's distinctive style that made him one of the most prominent artists of his time. Given that the album shares its title with Sam Cooke's 1964 civil rights anthem, it is clear that Burke aimed to provide a strong message and continuing the tradition of soul music as a force for social change.

Background and Production
Throughout the 1980s, the soul music scene was experiencing a revival, with some new artists and seasoned singers like Solomon Burke reemerging with fresh sounds. Following a hiatus in his career throughout the 1970s, Burke returned in the 1980s with restored energy and determination. "A Change Is Gon na Come" was launched in 1987 under the Rounder Records label and marks a critical point in Burke's return.

For this album, Burke collaborated with renowned producer Scott Billington and put together a team of skilled musicians, including the Memphis Horns and R&B guitar player Cornell Dupree. The production is sophisticated and showcases Burke's effective voice surrounded by lavish arrangements and a tight rhythm section. The outcome is a timeless classic that pays tribute to the southern soul music category and its rich history.

"A Change Is Gon na Come" includes a total of 10 tracks that consist of several originals and covers, many of which speak to social issues and a yearning for better times. The album opens with the title track "A Change Is Gon na Come", where Burke delivers a performance of Sam Cooke's effective civil liberties anthem with raw feeling and conviction rarely heard in modern-day music. This track sets the tone of the album, introducing the listener to Burke's enthusiastic dedication to social modification.

Other standout tracks on the album include "Love Buys Love", a tune composed by Bobby Womack, which speaks about the importance of love and compassion in fighting against injustice. "You're the Kind of Girl I Like" showcases Burke's skill for blending emotional ballads with toe-tapping rhythms. "Candy" is a positive love song, highlighting the more spirited side of Burke's work.

In "You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Man, a cover version of the popular Carole King and Gerry Goffin song, Burke includes his own soulful twist, reinterpreting the well-known hit initially sung by Aretha Franklin. "Love Is All That Matters" is a beautiful ballad concentrated on the value of love and the role it plays in conquering misfortune.

Effect and Legacy
"A Change Is Gon na Come" is a crucial album in Solomon Burke's discography as it marked his revival as a significant and prominent artist. This album is not only an example of Burke's remarkable singing skills however likewise a testament to his belief in the power of music to produce change. The album has actually been praised for its capability to capture the essence of his early work while introducing a new generation of fans to his signature noise.

In conclusion, "A Change Is Gon na Come" is a soulful and classic representation of Solomon Burke's immensely influential profession as a vocalist and artist. With songs that resonate deeply with listeners even today, this album showcases the heart, enthusiasm, and dedication of this famous soul vocalist who influenced countless artists in the years to come.

Artist: Solomon Burke

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