Album: Soul of the Blues

"Soul of the Blues" is a 2005 album by the late American soul and blues singer Solomon Burke, one of the leaders of soul music who has had substantial impact in the sphere of R&B and rock music. Throughout his profession, Burke released a string of extraordinary albums and "Soul of the Blues" contributes to his amazing legacy. The album includes a mix of initial tunes and covers, showcasing Burke's enormous talent for translating various blues designs and adding his distinct soul touch to them.

Background and Production
"Soul of the Blues" was released in 2005, as part of Shout! Factory's ongoing efforts to renew and spread out awareness of Solomon Burke's music. Burke experienced a profession resurgence in the early 2000s with the release of his Grammy-winning album "Don't Give Up On Me" in 2002. Following the success of that album, "Soul of the Blues" intended to capitalize on Burke's renewed popularity and reestablish his music to brand-new generations of blues and soul lovers.

This album was produced by the legendary manufacturer Joe Henry, who has actually dealt with legends such as Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, and Allen Toussaint. The collaboration with Henry resulted in a refined and skillfully crafted album that showcased Burke's singing prowess, along with his ability to dig deep into the psychological heart of the blues.

Album Content and Style
"Soul of the Blues" features a mix of initial songs and covers, all carried out in Burke's unmatched soulful design. Among the covers are "I Need Your Love In My Life" by the Staple Singers, "I Got The Blues" by ZZ Hill, and an effective performance of the gospel-blues classic "I'm Going To Tear Your Playhouse Down". These covers demonstrate Burke's remarkable ability to convey the psychological strength and depth of the blues, while still preserving his unique style.

The album likewise consists of a number of initial tunes that display Burke's skill as a songwriter and interpreter of various blues styles. Tunes like "Valley Of Tears" and "At The Crossroads" expose a vulnerability and emotional intensity that is rare among contemporary blues artists. Other standout tracks consist of "After All These Years" and "Fade Away".

The album perfectly merges standard blues themes with touches of modern R&B, gospel, and rock, all underpinned by Burke's effective and emotive vocals. The outcome is a coherent and consistent album that shows Burke's capability to find the "soul" in the blues, deftly stabilizing custom and modernity.

Reception and Legacy
"Soul of the Blues" got widespread important honor upon its release, more cementing Solomon Burke's credibility as one of the all-time greats in the blues and soul music realms. Critics praised the album for its authenticity and emotional depth, along with the strength and flexibility of Burke's vocals. While the album may not have charted as high commercially compared to his earlier releases, it continued the resurgence of Burke's career, which he maintained till his passing in 2010.

In conclusion, "Soul of the Blues" is an outstanding testimony to Solomon Burke's amazing talent and his ability to dig deep into the psychological core of the blues as couple of can. The album stands as an effective pointer of the classic nature of his music and solidifies his position as one of the most significant figures in the history of blues and soul music.

Artist: Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke, King of Rock and Soul, born in Philly in 1940. Discover his pioneering contributions, memorable quotes & timeless hits.
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