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"Hold On Tight" is an emotional and psychological album launched in 2010 by Solomon Burke, a well-known soul vocalist, and songwriter known for his powerful voice and captivating stage existence. With this album, Burke handled to bring an authentic and extensive representation of his life and career experiences, checking out love, heartbreak, spirituality, and optimism. Produced by Fat Possum Records and The Netherlands-based Excelsior Recordings, this 15-track collection includes a mix of original tunes and covers, with Burke working together with Dutch-based rock band, De Dijk.

Solomon Burke had a longstanding and successful music profession that covered over 5 years. However, it wasn't till the early 2000s that he acquired a newly found critical recognition with his Grammy-winning album, "Don't Give Up on Me" (2002). The following years brought a series of effective releases, consisting of "Nashville" (2006) and "Make Do with What You Got" (2005). Regardless of remaining in his 70s, Burke's charisma and emotional voice remained undiminished, making "Hold On Tight" a highly-anticipated release.

The cooperation between Solomon Burke and De Dijk came about after the Dutch band connected to Burke with a demo of their 2008 song "On the Tight Side", which they had actually translated into English in hopes that it would capture his attention. Burke was instantly impressed with the tune, leading to the renowned cooperation and recording sessions for the "Hold On Tight" album. Taped in simply four days at the Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles, the sessions were energetic and highly imaginative, combining the special sounds of both De Dijk and Burke.

Noise and Style
"Hold On Tight" is a lovely mix of soul, blues, gospel, and rock that records the essence of Solomon Burke's musical style. De Dijk's participation includes a modern-day, European rock sensibility, boosting the album's general appeal. The result is a collection of tunes that highlight the deep, emotional, and raw feelings that make Burke's music so powerful.

One of the standout tracks on the album, "What a Woman" showcases Burke's sultry and emotional voice as he sings the applauds of ladies. Meanwhile, "Don't Despair" is a slower tune with a gospel-tinged energy that supplies a soothing and uplifting message.

The title track, "Hold On Tight", which was composed by De Dijk and translated into English, functions as a best example of the balance between the designs of both acts. The deep soul vibe from Burke's vocals integrated with the rock-edged support from De Dijk produces an effective and interesting listening experience.

Tradition and Reception
Sadly, Solomon Burke passed away on October 10, 2010, shortly after the release of "Hold On Tight". The album went on to get numerous favorable reviews and considerable airplay on European radio stations, therefore ending up being a fitting swan song to the famous artist's career.

Critics applauded the album's cohesive and satisfying sound, particularly acknowledging Burke's revitalized efficiency and remarkable voice. The collective nature of the record and the mixing of various musical designs was also appreciated, further cementing the album's appeal.

"Hold On Tight" is a testimony to the extensive range and profound emotions of Solomon Burke's artistry, and will undoubtedly continue to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of both old and new fans alike.

Artist: Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke, King of Rock and Soul, born in Philly in 1940. Discover his pioneering contributions, memorable quotes & timeless hits.
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