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A man sees what he wants to see, And disregards the rest

"A man sees what he wants to see, And disregards the rest"

- Paul Simon

About this Quote

This quote by Paul Simon suggests that individuals have a tendency to only see what they want to see and overlook everything else. It implies that people have a selective understanding, where they just concentrate on things that align with their desires or beliefs, and neglect anything that contradicts them. This can cause biased and narrow-minded thinking, as people might neglect important info or alternative point of views. It likewise highlights the power of perception and how it can form our understanding of the world. Ultimately, this quote works as a suggestion to be open-minded and think about all point of views, instead of just seeing what we want to see.

About the Author

Paul Simon This quote is written / told by Paul Simon somewhere between October 13, 1941 and today. He was a famous Musician from USA. The author also have 44 other quotes.

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