Famous quote by Eva Herzigova

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Because beauty isnt enough, there must be something more

"Because beauty isn't enough, there must be something more"

- Eva Herzigova

About this Quote

In this quote, Eva Herzigova is revealing the concept that beauty alone is not enough. She believes that there should be something much deeper and more meaningful to really capture one's attention and adoration. This could refer to inner qualities such as intelligence, kindness, or enthusiasm, or it might also describe external aspects such as talent or achievements. Herzigova is suggesting that real beauty goes beyond physical appearance and requires substance and depth. This quote acts as a suggestion to not entirely concentrate on superficial beauty, but to likewise look for and appreciate the qualities that make an individual genuinely remarkable.

About the Author

Czech Republic Flag This quote is written / told by Eva Herzigova somewhere between March 10, 1973 and today. He/she was a famous Model from Czech Republic. The author also have 32 other quotes.

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