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I no longer run barefoot

"I no longer run barefoot"

- Zola Budd

About this Quote

This quote by Zola Budd speaks to the idea of individual growth and development. It suggests that she has actually proceeded from a particular stage in her life and is now taking a different technique. This could be translated as a metaphor for her journey as an athlete, as she has actually gone from running barefoot to using shoes. It might also be interpreted as a metaphor for her life in basic, as she has gone from a more primitive and basic lifestyle to one that is more contemporary and sophisticated. In either case, the quote speaks to the concept of development and development, and how we can all move on in life. It is a suggestion that we can all make changes in our lives, no matter how small, which these changes can have a favorable effect on our lives.

About the Author

Zola Budd This quote is written / told by Zola Budd somewhere between May 26, 1966 and today. She was a famous Athlete from South Africa. The author also have 7 other quotes.

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