Album: Clean

"Clean", released in 1978, is a soul and funk-oriented studio album by distinguished vocalist and entertainer Edwin Starr. Known for his effective and distinctive voice, Starr had currently made a name for himself with hits like "War" and "Twenty-Five Miles" before venturing into the world of disco infused with his unique touch of emotional and groovy plans. "Clean", produced by well known producer and songwriter Lamont Dozier, catches the essence of the duration's musical environment while protecting the vocalist's signature design. The album boasts 8 tracks, each showcasing Starr's extraordinary vocal expertise, sass, and memorable melodies that defined a period.

Track List and Themes
1. "I'm So Into You" - Opening the album with an uptempo groove, this track showcases the combination of disco and soul with its funky basslines, memorable hooks, and passionate lyrics. Edwin sings about his frustrating sensations for a romantic interest, stressing the intensity of his feelings.

2. "Jealous" - With its sultry vibes and infectious melody, "Jealous" is a tempting tune about the intricacies of love and relationships. Starr conveys a sense of fear and insecurity, as he questions the faithfulness of his partner and has a hard time to tackle his feelings of jealousy.

3. "Contact" - As one of the most well-known songs from "Clean", this disco anthem highlights Starr's electrifying vocals and the renowned sweeping synths, punctuated by a cosmic theme. Edwin tells a story of interaction between Earth and extraterrestrial beings, advising mankind to come together in the name of love and unity.

4. "Storm Clouds on the Way" - Taking on a more threatening tone, this track looks into the complexities of life and how one must face unavoidable storms in their journey. With powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, Starr motivates perseverance and durability with a weather-themed metaphor.

5. "Don't Waste Your Time" - A blend of disco and funk, "Don't Waste Your Time" concentrates on the importance of time management and taking advantage of every moment, advising the listener not to squander their day with unimportant pursuits. Instead, Starr suggests accepting the moment with purpose and passion.

6. "Drown My Heart" - Changing the pace, this soulful ballad showcases Edwin's emotional variety as he sings about the heartache of a failed relationship. The rich instrumentation elevates Starr's emotive vocals, producing a moving and melancholic environment.

7. "My Friend" - As a nod to friendship and sociability, "My Friend" is a sincere tribute to individuals who support us through thick and thin. Starr shows his thankfulness to those who have actually stood by his side with this dynamic and sincere tune.

8. "Patiently" - The album concludes with a poignant ballad that demonstrates the power of patience. In spite of the trials and adversities of life, "Patiently" reassures listeners that real love and joy can be accomplished by remaining persistent and resilient through life's challenges.

Overall Impact and Legacy
Though "Clean" did not reach the exact same business success as some of Edwin Starr's earlier works, it remains a gem within his discography. The album showcases his flexibility as an artist, easily blending elements of disco, funk, and soul to develop a captivating noise that embodies the essence of the late '70s music scene. "Clean" also highlights Starr's exceptional skill as a performer and songwriter, solidifying his tradition as a soul music icon. The album's well-crafted tracks check out various aspects of love, life, and the human experience, supplying unforgettable minutes for fans both old and brand-new.

Artist: Edwin Starr

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