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The self-titled album "Edwin Starr" by American soul vocalist Edwin Starr was released in 1977 by 20th Century Records. The album significant Starr's go back to full-length recording after a brief hiatus in the mid-70s. Edwin Starr, best known for his 1970 hit "War", had actually been a significant artist in the Motown and Northern Soul scene in the 1960s and early 1970s. With this album, he intended to showcase his versatile vocal abilities and broaden beyond the soul and funk categories that he was understood for. The album featured 10 tracks, incorporating different designs, including soul, disco, and pop. Though not as commercially effective as some of his earlier works, the album highlighted Starr's incredible vocal range and stylistic versatility.

Production and Songwriting
"Edwin Starr" was produced by Jeffrey Bowen, a skilled Motown producer who had actually dealt with other renowned artists, such as The Temptations and The Supremes. Bowen likewise co-wrote several of the tracks on the album along with Starr and other gifted songwriters. Their partnership led to an intriguing mix of styles and memorable tunes that showcased Starr's effective and emotive voice.

Track Listing and Reception
The album consisted of 10 tracks, blending numerous musical genres.

1. "Storm Clouds en route"
2. "Time".
3. "She's Happy".
4. "Ain't Got Time to Stop".
5. "You Steal My Heart Away".
6. "I Just Wan na Do My Thing".
7. "I Want You".
8. "I'm So Into You".
9. "Don't Waste Your Time".
10. "L-O-V-E Love".

"Edwin Starr" received mixed evaluations upon its release, with some critics applauding Starr's singing abilities and the memorable tunes, while others felt the album lacked the cohesion and musical depth found in his earlier work. Ultimately, the album did not accomplish significant commercial success, peaking at No. 154 on the Billboard 200 charts, and with just one track, "I Just Wan na Do My Thing", ending up being a minor R&B and disco hit.

Tradition and Influence
Despite its minimal industrial success and blended important reception, "Edwin Starr" showed Starr's willingness to take threats and adjust to altering music trends. The album enabled him to maintain an existence in the industry, display his powerful voice, and prepared for his future releases, including the 1979 disco struck "H.A.P.P.Y Radio".

Additionally, the album's diverse musical styles continue to be appreciated by fans and collectors of soul, disco, and popular song. The disco-infused track "I Just Wan na Do My Thing" stays popular among disco lovers and has been featured on different disco collections.

Recently, the album has actually been reassessed, with lots of critics appreciating Edwin Starr's singing efficiency and acknowledging the value of the eclectic blend of genres. It now works as a testimony to the advancement of Starr's career, highlighting his adaptability and continued passion for music.

"Edwin Starr" marked an essential point in Edwin Starr's profession, showcasing his varied variety of styles and showing his versatility as an artist. Regardless of not accomplishing considerable business success, the album stays a beloved piece of work among fans and collectors, and a testament to Starr's enduring contributions to the music industry. Today, the album stands as a symbol of Starr's extraordinary skill, aspiration, and dedication to his craft.

Artist: Edwin Starr

Edwin Starr, the passionate soul & R&B singer behind the 1970 hit War. Learn about his early career, Motown days, and powerful message.
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