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"Soul Master" is the first album released by the famous American soul singer Edwin Starr in 1968. The album was released on the well-known Motown subsidiary label Gordy and showcased Starr's raw and powerful vocals combined with the label's timeless soul sound, which was backed by the Funk Brothers and produced by Johnny Bristol and Harvey Fuqua. Spanning 11 tunes and around 30 minutes in length, the album quickly gathered massive excitement, with the title "Soul Master" sealing his status as a prominent soul vocalist. The album became an important steppingstone in Starr's profession, paving the way for future mega-hits like "War" in 1970 and "Twenty-Five Miles" in 1969.

Album Content
"Soul Master" boasted a mix of Edwin Starr originals sprinkled with a couple of notable covers that showcased his soulful voice. With tracks such as "Agent Double-O-Soul", "Back Street", "Headline News", and "Stop Her on Sight (S.O.S.)", the album offered prominent airtime for Starr's distinct singing design.

One of the album's standout hits, "Agent Double-O-Soul", reflected the appeal of secret representative themes of that era and handled to reach number 8 on the R&B chart and number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100, proving to be a strong entry for Starr into the mainstream music scene. Other tracks like "Back Street" and "Stop Her on Sight (S.O.S.)" displayed Starr's capability to communicate deep emotions, with the latter song becoming a significant hit in the UK Northern soul scene. The song "Headline News" went up to No. 14 on the Rhythm and Blues and No. 84 on the Hot 100 charts.

Especially, the album likewise consisted of Starr's take on Motown single "I Want My Baby Back", which allowed him to effortlessly blend his own soulful method with the label's signature sound.

Reception and Significance
"Soul Master" got positive evaluations from both critics and fans, serving as a proper intro for its title soul vocalist. The album's dynamic blend of classic Motown sound with Starr's emotive shipment proved to be a winning formula. It highlighted the artist's effective voice and launched Edwin Starr onto the national stage.

While "Soul Master" might not have accomplished the same commercial success as some of its contemporaries, it was an indisputable hit among soul enthusiasts. The album remains a substantial piece of Motown history as it marked the launch of Edwin Starr's remarkable profession as an iconic soul vocalist and showcased his precocious talent.

Legacy and Influence
"Soul Master" was an essential driver in Edwin Starr's musical odyssey and an album that would eventually lead him to superstardom. Following the album's success, Starr launched a number of more noteworthy songs and albums throughout the 1960s and 1970s, which would solidify his position as one of the most renowned soul vocalists in history.

The impact of "Soul Master" resounds throughout the soul music genre, testament to the timeless appeal of Starr's powerful vocals and his ability to successfully communicate deep emotions through song. His contributions to the Motown music scene left an irreversible mark on the industry and helped shape the sound of contemporary R&B and soul. Today, Edwin Starr's "Soul Master" stands as a proud testament to the enduring tradition of a true soul icon.

Artist: Edwin Starr

Edwin Starr, the passionate soul & R&B singer behind the 1970 hit War. Learn about his early career, Motown days, and powerful message.
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