Album: Motown Superstar Series, Volume 3

"Motown Superstar Series, Volume 3" is a compilation album released in 1980 by American soul vocalist Edwin Starr, featuring some of his greatest hits from his tenure at the legendary Motown Records. Starr, born Charles Edwin Hatcher, was a successful singer and songwriter of the 1960s and 1970s, understood for his effective voice and emotional shipment. This album belongs to Motown's "Superstar Series" which intended to display the label's most popular artists and their biggest achievements.

Album Overview
"Motown Superstar Series, Volume 3" features twelve tracks that highlight Edwin Starr's vast and varied talent, varying from his early Motown days to the peak of his profession. The record consists of some of Starr's greatest hits like "War" and "Twenty-Five Miles", in addition to lesser-known but equally impressive tracks like "I Am the Man for You Baby" and "Don't Tell Me I'm Crazy".

The tracks on this album are a mix of R&B, soul, and funk styles that reflect the different stages of Starr's career. The album provides an extensive take a look at among Motown's vital artists, showcasing his powerful, emotive voice and his capability to connect to the listener through both compelling political anthems and tender love tunes.

Noteworthy Tracks
1. "War": Arguably Edwin Starr's most well-known song, "War" is a protest song that ended up being a rallying cry for the anti-war movement throughout the Vietnam War period. The track is vibrant, intense, and features an effective vocal efficiency from Starr. It reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and stays a pertinent and cherished anthem of social awareness to this day.

2. "Twenty-Five Miles": This up-tempo soul track was among Starr's greatest hits, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Co-written by Starr himself, it informs the story of a male determined to walk 25 miles to reunite with his enjoyed one. The song features a driving beat, appealing horn section, and a signature enthusiastic singing performance from Starr.

3. "I Am the Man for You Baby": A lesser-known but tempting tune from Edwin Starr, "I Am the Man for You Baby" highlights his smooth vocals and the Motown Sound's inimitable mix of transmittable rhythms and lavish orchestrations. This song represents Starr's ability to deliver sincere love songs and strengthens his status as a flexible artist.

4. "Don't Tell Me I'm Crazy": This ballad showcases another side of Starr's talent, with its slow, emotive tune and poignant lyrics resolving heartbreak and unpredictability. The series of feeling in this song shows Starr's vocal expertise and flexibility throughout various musical styles.

"Motown Superstar Series, Volume 3" is an essential album for fans of Edwin Starr, Motown, and soul music in basic. It offers a comprehensive overview of Starr's extraordinary career, highlighting not only his greatest hits however also his lesser-known gems that deserve recognition and appreciation. From powerful protest anthems to tender love tunes, Edwin Starr proves that he is a real Motown legend through the tracks featured on this album. If you haven't yet experienced the music of Edwin Starr, "Motown Superstar Series, Volume 3" is a perfect introduction to one of the most fascinating voices and skills in soul music.

Artist: Edwin Starr

Edwin Starr, the passionate soul & R&B singer behind the 1970 hit War. Learn about his early career, Motown days, and powerful message.
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