Famous quote by Sophocles

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There is a time when even justice brings harm

"There is a time when even justice brings harm"

- Sophocles

About this Quote

This quote by Sophocles recommends that even when justice is served, it can still have unfavorable repercussions. It suggests that justice is not constantly useful, which often it can cause harm. This might be translated in a variety of methods. It might imply that justice can be a double-edged sword, where it can bring both great and bad outcomes. It might likewise suggest that justice can be a source of pain and suffering, as it can cause severe penalties and tough choices. It could likewise be interpreted as a warning that justice need to not be looked for blindly, as it can have unexpected effects. Ultimately, this quote acts as a tip that justice need to be pursued with caution and consideration, as it can bring both good and bad results.

About the Author

Sophocles This quote is written / told by Sophocles between 496 BC and 405 BC. He was a famous Author from Greece. The author also have 100 other quotes.

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