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"All That" is a 1993 album by American country music artist LeAnn Rimes. Released when Rimes was only 11 years of ages, this preliminary record showcased the young vocalist's budding talent and effective vocals, setting the phase for her extraordinary career that followed. While it did not receive substantial commercial success or attention throughout its release, "All That" is now thought about an important part of Rimes' musical history, highlighting the early stages of her development as an artist.

Background and Recording
The album "All That" was produced by Rimes' dad, Wilbur C. Rimes, and was taped at the family's house studio in Garland, Texas, under their independent label, Nor Va Jak records. The album was developed as a way for LeAnn to display her talent and start getting local acknowledgment on the planet of c and w. The recording sessions were a small-scale venture, with Rimes carrying out most of the vocal tracks by herself.

Throughout this time, Rimes was currently making a name for herself and making appearances in regional talent shows and country music occasions. As an outcome, the album reflects the type of songs that she was carrying out at that phase in her career.

Music and Lyrics
The album "All That" consists of 11 songs, which are primarily covers of traditional nation tunes from such singers as Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt. It included tracks such as "Blue Moon of Kentucky", "I Want To Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart", "Faded Love", and "Cattle Call". The songs on the album reflect her nation roots and were thoroughly chosen to show off Rimes' excellent vocal range and emotional strength.

The album's title track, "All That", is an original song penned by LeAnn and her dad. This ballad works as a fitting intro to the album as it showcases her fully grown vocal abilities and potential as a songwriter, in spite of her young age.

Rimes' effective vocals stand apart in each tune, demonstrating her ability to deal with and capture the emotion of different musical styles. These early recordings reveal Rimes' skill for narrating through song, just like her later hit songs would do throughout her profession.

Release and Legacy
While just 5,000 copies of "All That" were at first made, Rimes continued to carry out in different c and w occasions which assisted her acquire attention from both regional and nationwide music circles. Nevertheless, it was not till the release of her debut single "Blue" and her subsequent album with the same title in 1996 that she gained mainstream recognition and important honor. "All That" would later on be re-released in 1994, and then again after her major label debut.

Nevertheless, "All That" provides an unique insight into the starts of LeAnn Rimes' profession and her development as an artist. The album not only showcased her remarkable talent however likewise developed her as a force to be considered in the c and w scene long before the world came to know her name. While couple of copies of the initial 1993 release exist today, "All That" stays a significant turning point in Rimes' career as it celebrates the early days of a girl with huge dreams and an even more considerable skill.

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