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"Whatever We Wan na" is the 8th studio album by American country-pop singer and songwriter LeAnn Rimes, launched on June 6, 2006. The album features a mix of nation, pop, and rock categories, showcasing Rimes' flexibility as an artist. Although the album was initially meant to be launched in the United States, it was eventually launched mainly in Europe, and later, Japan. Despite being one of Rimes' least commercially-successful works, "Whatever We Wan na" remains a testimony to her effective vocals and capability to bridge various musical categories.

Background and Production
Following the release and business success of LeAnn Rimes' album "This Woman" in 2005, Rimes began dealing with her 8th studio album. Initially entitled "What I Can not Change", the album's name was later changed to "Whatever We Wan na". Most of the album's production occurred in 2005 at numerous tape-recording studios, including Curb Studios, Back Porch/Nashville, Creative Caffeine, and MMasterfonics Studios.

"Whatever We Wan na" was produced by Dann Huff and LeAnn Rimes herself. Huff's previous work with artists like Faith Hill and Keith Urban provided a country-rock flavor to Rimes' album. Additionally, Rimes employed the assistance of various songwriters to produce tracks for the album, consisting of Kara DioGuardi, Ben Moody, and Ashlee Simpson. This partnership resulted in an eclectic collection of 14 tracks that highlighted Rimes' development as an artist and her capability to transcend the standards of standard c and w.

Tracklist and Style
"Whatever We Wan na" includes a varied range of songs that show LeAnn Rimes' adaptability as a vocalist and performer. The album opens with the title track, "Whatever We Wan na", a catchy, up-tempo pop-rock anthem. Other significant tunes on the album include the powerful ballad "Learning Your Language", the psychological confession "What I Can not Change", and the sultry rock-infused "Break Me Down".

With its blend of pop-rock and country music components, "Whatever We Wan na" showcases Rimes' capability to inform stories through her music while explore various designs. The album's lyrics span styles such as love, loss, heartbreak, and empowerment, demonstrating Rimes' ongoing development as a songwriter and desire to get in touch with her audience on a personal level.

Reception and Legacy
Upon its release, "Whatever We Wan na" received blended reviews from critics. Some applauded Rimes' development as an artist and her ability to successfully integrate various musical categories, while others felt the album lacked direction and cohesion.

Regardless of the combined important reaction, "Whatever We Wan na" reached the No. 3 position on the UK Country Chart and No. 15 on the UK Digital Chart. The album was less commercially effective compared to her previous works, primarily due to the fact that it was not released in the United States.

Nonetheless, "Whatever We Wan na" stays a vital part of LeAnn Rimes' discography, as it shows her desire to broaden beyond the standard borders of country music. While the album might not have been a business hit, it reveals Rimes' commitment to her craft and her commitment to development as an artist. Even over a years after its release, "Whatever We Wan na" still stands as a testimony to Rimes' powerful vocals, emotive songwriting, and adventurous spirit.

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