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"Remnants" is the thirteenth studio album by American singer LeAnn Rimes. Launched on October 28, 2016, through RCA Records, the album marks a modification in Rimes' musical instructions, shifting from her standard country sound to a more emotional and blues-driven noise. The album has been met mainly favorable reviews, with critics lauding Rimes' singing expertise and the more fully grown and introspective nature of her songwriting.

Background and Production
After the success of her 2013 album "Spitfire", Rimes began dealing with brand-new material for what would become "Remnants". The album was produced by Darrell Brown, who had actually worked with Rimes in the past, and Rimes herself. The production procedure saw Brown and Rimes working together with a range of songwriters, consisting of Toby Gad, Diane Warren, and Mark Batson, to produce an album that showcased Rimes' growth as an artist for many years.

The recording of "Remnants" was inspired by Rimes' personal journey of self-discovery, health struggles, and her relationship with hubby Eddie Cibrian. She was figured out to resolve the general public's understanding of her and present a "clearer, more sincere" variation of her life and experiences through her music.

Music and Lyrics
"Remnants" leaves from Rimes' earlier work, as it is more heavily affected by blues, soul, and gospel music. Unlike her previous country pop records, this album focuses on raw and honest lyricism and powerful vocals. Rimes has actually expressed that she felt a deep connection to the blues genre due to the psychological intensity and storytelling it communicates.

The album features a mix of initial songs and cover tracks, such as "How To Kiss A Boy", which was originally penned by Nashville songwriting legends Shane McAnally and Lori McKenna, and the Brandi Carlile cover "The Story", with Rimes including her own distinctive singing touch to the ballad.

Thematically, the album deals with complicated emotions, including loss, love, and individual empowerment. Songs like "Mother" and "Long Live Love" discuss Rimes' relationships with her own mom and husband, respectively, while tracks like "Do It Wrong With Me" and "Love Line" discuss the trials and adversities of love and intimacy.

Reception and Impact
"Remnants" received usually positive evaluations from music critics, who praised Rimes' effective singing performance and the emotional depth of the songwriting. The album debuted at number 15 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart and number 32 on the UK Albums Chart. "The Story" ended up being a leading 40 hit in the UK, peaking at number 38.

The album's fully grown sound and introspective lyrics helped to rearrange Rimes as a more serious artist, capable of tackling complex feelings and themes. Her brave exploration of new genres gathered her respect in the market and indicated her development considering that her earlier pop-country days.

"Remnants" marks a turning point in LeAnn Rimes' profession, showcasing her development as an artist and her determination to take risks and embrace modification in her sound. The album acts as an intimate, raw expression of Rimes' life experiences and feelings, with her effective vocals and emotional, blues-inspired production leaving a long lasting impression. With "Remnants", Rimes successfully reinvents herself, while still staying real to the artist she has always been.

Artist: LeAnn Rimes

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