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Cicero (born as Marcus Tullius Cicero in Arpinum, Italy, Roman Republic, died in Formia, Italy, Roman Republic) was a famous Philosopher from Rome, who lived between 106 BC and 43 BC.


Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman politician, rhetorician, lawyer and writer.

Cicero belonged to the Roman knight stand and began his career as a lawyer (Roman law) and gained a reputation for daring to defend the Roman citizens who were unfairly sentenced under Sulla's purges.

He was a declared supporter of the Roman republic, and made careers in the municipal department. He was quaestor in Sicily in 76 f.kr, praetor in Rome in 66 f.Kr and consul in 63 BC. As a consultant, he averted the Catiline conspiracy. During the first triumvirate, he had for a time to go into exile. After the pardon, he appeared again as a politician, but his influence was weakened.

Following the assassination of Julius Caesar, he took part against Marcus Antonius. It cost him his life and was in the longer term, perhaps contributing to Antony's fall. Cicero was murdered during proskriptionerne year 43 BC, 63 years old.

Cicero's rhetoric can be seen in 58 surviving political / legal speeches and writings as well as more than 800 letters. Cicero, who was eclectic, regarded as the father of classical Latin prose.

Zodiac etc.

He is born under the zodiac capricorn, who is known for Determination, Dominance, Perservering, Practical, Willful. Our collection contains 1 quotes who is written / told by Cicero, under the main topic Success.

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"We are all motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is, the more he is inspired to glory"