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Album Overview
"As Long as I Love" is a 1970 studio album by country music queen Dolly Parton. Released by Monument Records, this album marks Parton's 2nd solo release and is a powerful testament to her remarkable songwriting and singing talents, highlighting both her roots in c and w and her goals for mainstream success. The album includes 11 songs, most of which are composed by Parton and showcase her amazing depth and range as a songwriter and vocalist.

Tracklisting and Themes
As long as I Love includes a compelling blend of original structures and covers that cover the spectrum of country, folk, and pop influences. This varied tracklisting works as a testimony to Parton's flexibility as an artist and her fearlessness in exploring new sounds and designs. A few of the standout tracks on the album include:

1. "Why, Why, Why"
2. "I Wound Easy (But I Heal Fast)".
3. "Sport and a Pastime".
4. "Release Me (And Let Love In)".
5. "Heartbreaker".
6. "As Long as I Love".
7. "What Do You Think About Lovin'?".
8. "I Don't Believe You've Ever Met My Baby".
9. "Two Sides of Susie".
10. "I Couldn't Wait Forever".
11. "True and Lasting Love".

Thematically, As Long as I Love deals with the intricacies of love, heartache, and recovery. The lyrics are deeply individual and poetic, reflective of Parton's special voice and keen understanding of human feeling.

Reception and Legacy
Despite its benefit as an artistic and musical accomplishment, As Long as I Love was initially met modest industrial success. None of the songs from the album made a major effect on the nation or pop charts, although Dolly's cover of "I Don't Believe You've Ever Met My Baby" ended up being a minor hit, and the album was typically well-received by critics.

Regardless of its lack of immediate success, As Long as I Love is very important for a number of factors. First of all, it highlights Dolly's development as a musician and recording artist, showcasing her expanding range of stylistic influences and a desire to take dangers in both her singing performance and songwriting.

Secondly, the album functions as a springboard for the innovative partnership in between Dolly and her manufacturer, Fred Foster. This rewarding collaboration would go on to yield some of their most significant hits, including "Coat of Many Colors" and "My Tennessee Mountain Home".

Last but not least, As Long as I Love records the essence of Dolly's early career at a time when she was discovering her footing as a solo artist and setting the stage for her eventual superstardom. The album's tunes give listeners a look into the vulnerability and tenacity that would specify her profession and make her among the most cherished and long-lasting figures in country music history.

As Long as I Love is a vital turning point in Dolly Parton's storied career. While it may lack the chart-topping hits of her later albums, it is an interesting snapshot of a young artist on the cusp of achievement. For those interested in Dolly's early work and the roots of her sound, As Long as I Love is a must-listen and a testament to Parton's steadfast dedication to her art and her unyielding belief in her capability to make an impact in the world of music.

Artist: Dolly Parton

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