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"I Believe in You" is a 2017 album by the iconic American country vocalist and songwriter Dolly Parton. This album is special as it is her first-ever kids's album in her renowned profession that has actually spanned more than five years. The project was released in September 2017 under Dolly Records and RCA Nashville. What makes this album a lot more unique is that the proceeds from the album's sales were donated to Parton's Imagination Library, a program that offers totally free books to children up to five years old and promotes literacy.

Album Inspiration and Purpose
Parton's inspiration for creating this album came from her dedication to children and promoting their love for reading and learning. As the founder of the Imagination Library, Parton made it her mission to return to her neighborhood and the kids who have actually supported her throughout her profession. Apart from commemorating the lyricism of kids's stories, the album also includes songs that send out boosting and empowering messages to the young audiences.

Track Listing and Song Descriptions
"I Believe in You" includes a collection of 14 tunes, each thoughtfully composed and composed by Parton herself, covering a range of themes from guts to relationship and self-belief. Few of the notable tracks on the album are as follows:

1. I Believe in You: The title track is an anthem-like tune that talks to kids's natural capability to dream and accomplish anything they set their minds to. The song brings a positive message of thinking in oneself despite obstacles and barriers.

2. Coat of Many Colors (new recording): A reimagined variation of Parton's 1971 hit, the song tells the story of a girl that faces ridicule and bullying due to the fact that of a homemade coat her mother adoringly stitched together from different material scraps. The tune teaches a powerful lesson of celebrating our individuality and finding pride in our distinctions.

3. Together Forever: This song is a celebration of relationship, commitment, and friendship. The lyrics motivate kids to value the bonds they share and emphasize being there for one another.

4. Brave Little Soldier: An empowering song that advises kids to eliminate their battles and face their worries with guts and durability. The tune is a salute to every child's self-confidence and bravery.

5. Makin' Fun Ain't Funny: This track addresses the problem of bullying and the long lasting impact it can have on the lives of kids. The tune brings a message of compassion and encourages kids to stand up against bullying.

6. Chemo Hero: A touching and wholehearted tune committed to kids battling cancer. Parton sings about strength, nerve, and hope in the face of adversity.

7. A Reading, Writing, and Rithmetic: This track promotes the significance of education and how vital it is for kids to develop reading, composing, and math abilities.

Album Reception
"I Believe in You" received usually positive evaluations from both critics and fans alike. Parton's choice to use her musical skills for a cause higher than herself was met with appreciation and admiration by her audience. Although not an industrial blockbuster, the album served its function by spreading out joy, inspiration, and unforgettable messages to kids while raising funds for the Imagination Library.
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