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"Hello, I'm Dolly" is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter and country music legend Dolly Parton, released in 1967. The album marked the start of an incredibly successful profession spanning over five years, and it showcased Parton's tremendous talent as a vocalist, songwriter, and writer. Produced by Fred Foster and released by Monument Records, "Hello, I'm Dolly" features a mix of initial compositions penned by Parton, along with a few covers of popular songs.

Born in 1946 in a small town in Tennessee, Dolly Parton started her journey in the world of music at a very young age. By the time she was 10, she was currently performing at regional events, radio, and tv. Her big break came when she was discovered by nation vocalist Bill Phillips, who welcomed her to appear on his television program. Parton then moved to Nashville after high school, where she found her very first success as a songwriter. She signed with Monument Records in 1965 and began dealing with her debut album, which eventually ended up being "Hello, I'm Dolly".

Track Listing and Song Highlights
The album consists of 12 tunes, showcasing the young Parton's impressive singing variety and ability to convey feeling through her songwriting. Some of the most noteworthy tracks on the album are:

1. Dumb Blonde - The opening and most successful track of the album, "Dumb Blonde" was written by Curly Putman and reached No. 24 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. The song informs the story of a woman who, in spite of being called a "dumb blonde" by her unfaithful partner, has the strength to walk away from the relationship.

2. Your Ole Handy Man - Written by Parton herself, this song is a lighthearted and spirited tune that showcases her clever wit and sense of humor.

3. I Don't Want to Throw Rice - Another initial composition by Parton, this emotional ballad tells the story of a female who is sad over the marital relationship of her previous fan.

4. Put It Off Until Tomorrow - This heart-wrenching ballad, co-written by Parton and her uncle Bill Owens, includes aching lyrics about regret and lost love. The song would later become a hit for Bill Phillips and Kitty Wells.

5. I Wasted My Tears - An upbeat and memorable tune, this tune displays Parton's ability to easily switch from heartbreaking ballads to foot-stomping nation hits.

Tradition and Impact
"Hello, I'm Dolly" released the career of among the most iconic and long-lasting c and w artists of perpetuity. Though her debut album was not a commercial success, it was a strong intro to the unbelievable skill and potential of Dolly Parton. Over the years, she would go on to release lots of albums and score numerous hits, firmly developing herself as a musical icon and cultural phenomenon.

The album also showcased Parton's exceptional songwriting skills. A lot of the tunes she composed for this album would later be taped by other nation artists, strengthening her status as a prolific and popular songwriter.

In conclusion, "Hello, I'm Dolly" is an important listen for fans of traditional country and fans of Dolly Parton alike. It provides an interesting peek into the early stages of a famous artist's career and showcases her amazing skill as a vocalist and a songwriter. With this album, Dolly Parton revealed her arrival on the country music scene and began a profession that would change the landscape of the category permanently.

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