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"Joshua" is the seventh solo studio album by American country music icon, Dolly Parton. Launched in 1971 under the RCA Victor label, the album symbolized a shift in Parton's career as she was discovering her distinct noise and storytelling expertise. This marked her entry into the world of country music as a solo artist while also representing her as a relatable, sincere, and skilled singer-songwriter. The album, called after its lead single, features eleven tracks, which display the unique mix of Parton's spellbinding voice, heartfelt lyrics, and captivating storytelling abilities.

Joshua: The Single
The opening track and lead single of the album, "Joshua", informs the tale of a girl who befriends and ultimately falls for an older, reclusive male named Joshua. This heart-warming narrative of friendship, understanding, and love perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album. "Joshua" ended up being an advancement single for Parton, reaching number one on the U.S. Country Billboard charts and ultimately providing her with her first chart-topping hit. The success of the single declared Parton's status as a rising country music star and strengthened her position as a reliable singer-songwriter.

Themes and Style
"Joshua" marks a significant shift in Parton's career, as she started to distance herself from the covers of nation classics and accepted her instinctive technique to produce original material. Throughout the album, listeners will discover a mix of themes ranging from love and romance to heartbreak and longing. These styles would later on become the foundation for her prolific profession as a writer and country music pioneer.

The album includes significant tracks such as "The Love That Keeps Me Going", "Motherhood: Apple Pie and the Flag", and "Run That By Me One More Time". These songs display Parton's outstanding versatility, as she flawlessly moves in between paces and singing ranges throughout the album, showcasing her extraordinary range as a singer and songwriter. By focusing on relatable, raw, and emotionally charged styles, Parton captured the hearts of her audience and led the way for a renowned profession covering over five years.

Reception and Legacy
"Joshua" received positive evaluations from critics and fans alike for its credibility, emotional depth, and showcasing Parton's indisputable singing talent. The album's versatile mix of country, folk, and pop components was well-received, as it enabled Parton to appeal to a broad audience. The success of the album allowed Parton to assert her position as a force to be reckoned with in the country music scene of the early 1970s, along with prominent female country music contemporaries such as Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn.

To this day, "Joshua" remains an important album in Dolly Parton's discography and serves as a testimony to her skill as a singer and songwriter. Its impact on the trajectory of her profession can not be downplayed, as it offered her with the momentum and creative confidence to pursue her distinct brand of storytelling and unforgettable musical flair. By staying true to her roots and accepting her uniqueness, Dolly Parton's "Joshua" prepared for her long-lasting legacy as one of the most cherished and influential artists in the history of country music.
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Artist: Dolly Parton

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