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"We Found It" is a studio album by distinguished American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton. Launched in February 1973, this album is a standout in Parton's comprehensive discography, showcasing her apparent songwriting and singing talents. It seamlessly blends nation, gospel, and pop components, resulting in a wonderful listening experience that interest a broad audience. The album features both solo tracks by Parton and duets with her veteran musical partner, Porter Wagoner. With standout hits like "Love City" and "We Found It", the album endears itself to fans and critics alike as a wonderful photo of Parton's profession in the early 1970s.

Background and Production
"We Found It" is Dolly Parton's 14th solo album and the 6th collaborative album with Porter Wagoner. At this moment in her career, Parton had currently accomplished substantial success as a solo artist, but her collaboration with Wagoner played an essential function in shaping her musical trajectory. Wagoner's influence appears throughout the album, especially in the duets they share.

The album was produced by RCA Victor's Bob Ferguson, who had a long-standing expert relationship with both Parton and Wagoner. Under his assistance, the album took shape by integrating standard c and w aspects with an infusion of gospel-inspired consistencies and pop-inspired hooks. This unique blend of categories would later on end up being the trademark of Parton's music and contribute to her prevalent success in the years to come.

Tunes and Lyrics
The album includes ten tracks, consisting of both ballads and up-tempo numbers, with a mix of initial structures and covers. Parton's eager sense of storytelling appears in her songwriting, with each track acting as a vignette that offers insights into love, life, and self-discovery.

The album opens with the title track, "We Found It", a lively duet with Wagoner that states the excitement of a newfound love. This sets the tone for the rest of the album, which continues to explore different elements of relationships. "Love City", another duet, supplies a confident and positive outlook on life, love, and the possibilities they offer.

Among the album's most memorable tracks is Parton's sincere rendition of "You Got ta Be My Baby", originally sung by George Jones. Parton's skyrocketing vocals revive the timeless song, which informs the story of a female pleading with her fan to commit to their relationship.

The album also features an outstanding solo efficiency by Parton in "When Love is New", a tender, introspective ballad about the sweet taste and vulnerability that accompany the early phases of love.

Another remarkable duet with Wagoner is "Together Always", which explores the concept of soulmates and the enduring nature of true love.

Reception and Legacy
While "We Found It" did not accomplish huge commercial success, it got warm reviews from critics for its interesting blend of country, pop, and gospel aspects. The album peaked at # 20 on the US Billboard Hot Country LPs chart, affirming to its effect on c and w in the early 1970s. It also produced 2 singles that charted on the Hot Country Singles chart, "We Found It" and "Together Always", both reaching the Top 20.

With time, "We Found It" has actually happened considered among Dolly Parton's necessary albums. It catches her charming voice and lyrical expertise in a distinct blend of designs, setting the phase for her future success and sealing her status as a country music legend. Today, Dolly Parton's impact and impact can be felt throughout numerous musical categories, and "We Found It" stands as a testimony to her undeniable skill and adaptability.
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