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"Once More" is the sixth solo studio album by popular American nation singer-songwriter Dolly Parton. It was launched on August 31, 1970, by RCA Victor. With an overall of 10 tracks, the album characterizes Parton's hallmark noise that integrates country charm with psychological depth. "Once More" showcases a blend of initial tunes written by Dolly Parton and cover versions of well-known nation standards.

"Once More" was released after Parton's substantial success in the late 1960s. The album came at a time when she was progressively solidifying her profession as a country music artist, having actually currently launched a string of charting singles and albums. The songs on the album were tape-recorded between February and May 1970, with sessions held at the RCA Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Parton teamed up with her veteran partners and fellow c and w legends, Porter Wagoner and Bob Ferguson, for the album's production.

Highlight Tracks
1. Once More - The album's title track sets the tone for the whole project, with its story of love and heartbreak. It is a wholehearted ballad that showcases Parton's songwriting prowess and her ability to provide a poignant narrative through her music. The song tells the tale of two enthusiasts who have wandered apart however still share sensations for each other.

2. Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man - One of the standout tracks from the album, which was co-written by Parton and her aunt Dorothy Jo Owens, admires Parton's grandfather, Rev. Jake Owens. This tune, which became a number one hit, is a testimony to Dolly's close relationship with her family and her strong roots in Tennessee.

3. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) - A duet with Porter Wagoner, this track shows the chemistry between the two artists who were a popular duo on the country scene at the time. The tune is a heartbreaking tale of unrequited love, with both singers expressing their agonizing yearning for one another regardless of being devoted to other partners.

Reception and Legacy
"Once More" was well received by critics and fans alike, reinforcing Parton's image as a c and w icon. The album peaked at number 7 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, while the single "Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man" was the highest-charting tune from the album, reaching primary on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The album's success contributed to Parton's continued acknowledgment as a singer-songwriter with a strong existence in the country music genre. It likewise led the way for more duets with Porter Wagoner, sealing their status as a memorable country duo.

While "Once More" may not have the substantial acknowledgment that Parton's later albums, such as "Jolene" or "Coat of Many Colors", have, it remains an essential part of her discography. The album showcases the authentic nation noise of the early 1970s and highlights Parton's sharp lyricism and powerful vocals.

Dolly Parton's "Once More" is a representation of her deep musical roots, providing listeners a taste of country music's golden age. The album is a harmonious mix of heartbreaking ballads and perky tunes defined by Parton's emotive storytelling and unmistakable vocal talent. Over 5 years later, "Once More" remains a substantial turning point in Parton's storied profession, affirming her status as a legend in the world of country music.
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