Album: My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner

"My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner" is an album released in 1972 by American c and w icon Dolly Parton. This album is a tribute to her mentor and duet partner, Porter Wagoner, who played a substantial role in Parton's early career. The album consists of ten tracks, all of which are initial structures by Wagoner.

Dolly Parton joined Porter Wagoner's tv show, "The Porter Wagoner Show", in 1967, replacing Norma Jean who left the program to look after individual issues. Parton at first struggled to find approval from Wagoner's audience, but eventually ended up being a popular component on the program, thanks in part to her songwriting talents. The duo of Parton and Wagoner went on to have an effective run, producing many songs and albums together. Their cooperation defined c and w in the late 1960s and 1970s, influencing generations of artists to come.

Track Listing
The album includes ten tracks, all composed by Porter Wagoner, showcasing his songwriting capabilities. The track listing is as follows:

1. "Loneliness Found Me"
2. "The Fire's Still Burning"
3. "The Bird That Never Flew"
4. "Lay Back Lover"
5. "The House of Shame"
6. "Your Ole Handy Man"
7. "Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark"
8. "When Possession Gets Too Strong"
9. "Love's All Over"
10. "The Master's Hand"

Album Reception
"My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner" was received favorably by critics and fans alike. The album showcased Dolly Parton's incredible talent, not just as a singer but as a songwriter too. Numerous fans and critics applauded the versatility of the tunes on the album, from heartfelt ballads like "The Bird That Never Flew" to upbeat tunes like "Love's All Over". In general, the album gathered a great deal of attention, with some tracks ending up being staples in Parton's live performances.

The album reached number 21 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, showcasing its commercial success. While not as big a hit as a few of Parton's later solo work, it carried out well for a homage album of sorts.

Legacy and Influence
"My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner" remains a crucial album in Dolly Parton's discography, as it paved the way for her subsequent solo profession. The album not only cemented her reputation as a gifted singer and performer but as a songwriter as well. Dolly Parton went on to become one of the most successful and prominent female c and w artists of all time, with numerous awards and chart-topping hits under her belt.

The album also showcases the skill of Porter Wagoner, who was a highly regarded c and w songwriter and performer in his own right. Although the album didn't bring Wagoner's solo profession to brand-new heights, it remains a testament to his influence on the category and on Parton herself.

In conclusion, "My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner" is a cherished album in Dolly Parton's profession, highlighting her affection and respect for her mentor and fellow country music legend, Porter Wagoner. The album showcases Wagoner's songwriting skills while permitting Parton to shine as a performer. With an impressive display screen of storytelling, feeling, and musicality, "My Favorite Songwriter, Porter Wagoner" continues to be an essential album for fans of Dolly Parton and timeless country music alike.

Artist: Dolly Parton

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